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Come and try a class with the most experienced coach in the North and South Carolina area - making state, regional, and USA champions!

We offer classes for girls ranging in ages from 5 to 13.


Charlotte Rhythmic Gymnastics Center philosophy is simple:

Encourage and Promote every child to be the best that they can be, whether they are a National Champion or just starting out with the Little Stars Program. The only courage they will ever need is the bravery and confidence to follow their dreams. We have been helping kids to develop Character, Discipline, Desire, and Skills, which are the key qualities of girls with great achievements. Unlike other type of gymnastic disciplines, Rhythmic Gymnastics offers a very low risk of injury environment while infusing a fun, positive, and athletically graceful experience.



Head Coach, Anna Wilson has coached Rhythmic Gymnastic teams for the past 21 years. She led the Atlanta Rhythmic Gymnastics Group Team to its first medal at the 1998 Rhythmic Gymnastics National Championships and since then Anna has prepared many State, Regional, and National Champions.

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