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A Champion for your champion!


Meet Ms. Anna

Head Coach, Anna Wilson has coached Rhythmic Gymnastic teams for the past 21 years. She led the Atlanta Rhythmic Gymnastics Group Team to its first medal at the 1998 Rhythmic Gymnastics National Championships and since then Anna has prepared many State, Regional, and National Champions. 

Anna holds one of the highest sports titles in Russia: Master of Sport, International Level. 

Ms. Anna was a former Russian National Team member and was 3 times the consecutive winner of the overall Rhythmic Gymnastic Russian National Championship and represented Russia at many international competitions. 

Ms. Anna is the founder and owner of the Golden Ribbon Gymnastics Team as well as founding and running the Star Cup International Championships for the past decade. She has served several terms as a State Chair for USA Gymnastics. Ms. Anna has also been hosting State and Regional Championships for Region 6 for many years as well. She has been an USAG Certified professional member in good standing since 1998.

Ms. Anna specializes in teaching all levels (beginners to Level 10) of elite Rhythmic Gymnast development; individual and group compositions and choreography.

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